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Watch 1 yr update ??
Things Needed:
Paint- $20HomeDepot Behr
Primer-$15 Home Depot Killaz 2
Degreaser of your choice(I used dawn)
Glass door knobs- Amazon 10 per pack $8.95 (I used 2)
Silver handles- Amazon 24 per pack $20 (bought 1)
Black& White Marble contact paper-Amazon $10 per roll (used 7)
Self adhesive backsplash- Walmart 4 per pack $20 (used 8 packs)
I believe that’s all ☺️ #Diy #Queen #Imsovita

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Just in case you were wondering, My channel is to promote health and beauty. I am here to Inspire, motivate and uplift. If i can get a message to one person my job is done. Beauty is not only external. To be beautiful you must first understand beauty comes from within.

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