50 cool DIY projects, crafts, and ideas using PVC pipes. Here is the full list of projects made with PVC pipes:

Race car track. Tipi. Or fort. Chicken feeder. Nightstand. Clothes shelves. Drying rack. Soccer goal. Desk organizer. Hose stand. Handcrafted lamps. Fencing. Raised garden bed cover. Tape dispenser. Plant Pots. Drill holders. Clothes rack. Truckbed bike rack. Kayak roof rack / carrier. Bike repair stand. Trellis. Flutes. Dog washer. Raft. Water gun. Waterproof underground cache. Dog bed. Baby gate. Table. Backyard dunk tank. Compressed air blow gun. Wine rack. birdhouse. Tile clean pad. Mist stick. Greenhouse. Laptop stand. Vertical garden. Kayak rod rack. Summer camp chairs. Hydroponic system. Laundry sorter. Toothbrush holders. Bow. Handled tool rack. Shoes rack. Screwdriver holder. Drawer dividers. Baby armchair. Fishing cart.

If you are interested in how to make any of them, search for “How to make PVC pipe + item from the list above”.