Summer is practically over. It means that you have to find more cool and funny ways to spend your time indoors. It can be definitel challenging! Watch this awesome life hacks and ideas compilation and find your favorite activity! These crafts are easu to make and they are really useful. Choose your favorite idea and tell us about it in the comments.

A couple of crafts in this DIY tutorial video for kids are for those who brought a lot of pebbles from their trip to the sea! Learn how to make decorative elements out of ordinary stones and nail polish. It looks really cool and stylish, you can decorate anything that you like with these cute stones. The next craft is even cooler! You can simply glue pebbles on a mat and make a piece of a beach in the middle of your room. Just step on it barefoot and feel the breeze! You can also make a creative tic-tac-toe game set using pebbles. If you forget watering living plants, you can make cute cacti out of pebbles.

Painting is a very useful activity. It is a very good activity for kids because it helps to calm down, get rid of stress, concentrate, and last, but not the least, it develops a child’s creativity. If you’re too bored painting in ordinary ways, you can make amazing puffy paint out of shaving foam and food coloring.

The next craft is for superhero lovers – you can ask your parents to help you with all the hard work and make cute superhero figures and paint them as you like! We made Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Hulk. Who is your favorite superhero? Tell us in the comments.

There’s a cool way to learn alphabet – just see how many cool pics we drew using letters. Learn and have fun with us!

Watch this video up to the end and see how to screen paint T-shirts.


1:36 – Stone cacti
4:10 – Wooden superheroes
11:02 – Spy hacks
15:06 – Frozen crown

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