DIY build of a traditional hand cut joinery wooden chest inspired by the Witcher fantasy series.
I’m a huge fan of the Witcher series, so when I came across a reference to Geralt’s wooden alchemy/potion/travel chest, I knew I had to make it!
In Andrzej Sapkowski, The Last Wish, as Geralt is preparing to battle the Striga –
“The witcher returned to the dusty table at which he was preparing, calmly and meticulously. He knew he had plenty of time. The striga would not leave her crypt before midnight. On the table in front of him he had a small chest with metal fittings. He opened it. Inside, packed tightly in compartments lined with dried grass, stood small vials of dark glass. The witcher removed three.”

If you’ve never heard of the Witcher series, basically it’s set in a medieval fantasy world, with your usual array of humans, elves, dwarves, magic and monsters.
Witcher’s, are professional monster hunters, who travel from village to village to solve monster related issues for money. This chest would be used to hold alchemy tools and potions and what not.

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