About Us.
Welcome to Schofield welding I am Jake Schofield. We are a traveling Welding Family. We chase all kinds of welding work through the United States. Mostly oil and gas work. Which includes Pipelines,Facilities and Fabrication. I travel With my Wife Eliza Schofield our son Baylin Theo Schofield and our two dogs Ace and Itty. Sit back while we bring you along into our world of living full time in our 38 foot fifth wheel traveling from welding job to welding job. Building Welding Beds bbq pits and anything else we can think of out of metal, and of course making money. Be Blessed

one of the most asked questions I get is how steady or how secure is being a rig welder. Great great question. It will on depend on each individual. If you have the its good enough mentality its going to be very tough to stay busy welding. you might luck out and get on a welding job but your name will spread very quickly. Now if you are a professional welder and you conduct yourself in a way that you are always trying to get better and always trying to take care of the client or individual that hired you. It will take time and it will take effort but your name will spread in a very good way and years down the road clients will be calling you for work.