5 COSTLY Mistakes to Avoid When Owning a Landscaping Business

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5 things to pay attention to and what they mean. When starting a landscaping business.

First 3 years.

Your going to Have to do counterintuitive things, that from the outside make you look like Your head is totally up your ass. Like calling the landscape supplier and cancelling an order and then calling back 30min. Later in a panic and re submitting the order… then calling back 30min. Later and cancelling it again…

Your going end up having a total meltdown in front of your first few employees… and you’re going to lose them… because your under so much pressure that it’s leaking out all over the place..  etc.. Here’s a hard lesson learned… don’t bring your problems to work…. Don’t tolerate personal problems at work… and don’t ever call employees after work hours to discuss work.. if you violate this code. You will pay through the nose.

As a leader..Everything you do in front of others… whether employees or other business owner friends… quantifies by x10.  Examples… negative attitude… teaming up with a fellow contractor and showing up late.Tolerating disrespect… letting others disrespect you in front of co workers… not standing up for yourself because your in fear and neediness. In general, choosing to act like bitch… will cost you 100 fold.

Your business is a mirror image of what’s going on inside your mind and emotions.  In real-time… if your business is in a constan hi. .m junt state of emergency…so Too will be your life as a whole

Your relationship with your spouse is the relationship with your business. Masculine feminine reciprocals.. hence… when stuff is messed up on the home front… then stuff will be messed up in your business.

Take fear, breather and shut it down.

TonyRobbins uncertainty quote.