Here are top secret kitchen and household hacks every girl should know!
These incredible household hacks will save you a fortune and time:
-find the fast way to clean frying pan with baking soda and lemon
-baking soda helps to clean coffee stains from your cups
-clean your makeup sponge easily – put it in water with dish soap and microwave
-use vegetable oil and lemon juice to clean your heels
-wine corks certainly make perfect point protectors and stop those stitches from sliding off your needle.
-use shower cap to store your sneakers in a sport bag
-clean your microwave with vinegar and water
-beer is an excellent to clean coffee spots from fabric
-use salt to clean your iron
-watch our video and find incredible kitchen sponge lifehacks
-the best way to store your iron
-make desk organizers out of cereal boxes. Glue 3 boxes together and cover with decorative paper
-if your tea is too hot, put three spoons into the cup. Voila!
We love the idea of repurposing common household items and making them useful for another purpose. Here is a collection of life-changing like hacks that will save your time and ease your life.
If you have a huge collection of jewelry, create vertical storage for it! Follow our tutorial to make awesome jewelry organizer.
We tend to forget just how hard our feet work and often neglect to give them the appropriate care and attention they deserve.
Luckily, there is a natural remedy to combat the problem of dry skin and restore and refresh your feet – use beer and warm water!
Keep your desk organized with DIY Lego paperclip magnetic holder!
You will find more creative ideas for your kitchen and home in our video!
Don’t forget to share your kitchen hacks in comments with us!


00:26 Fast way to clean frying pan
01:49 Reuse an old hanger
04:27 Incredible kitchen sponge lifehacks
09:10 Perfect cookies
11:02 Sharp scissors again
13:35 DIY Lego paperclip holder

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