Check out a new video full of creative art ideas! You will learn how to draw something special using various logos. It’s a cool way to boost your imagination and develop creative skills. Also, we share cool drawing tutorials for kids. They will love these ideas and will be busy for hours. Moreover, you will find incredibly cool ideas to reuse old crayons and create awesome crafts out of them. You will learn how to decorate t-shirts and fabric bags, how to create beautiful artworks for your friends or to decorate your home. Make candles by your hands and they will be a stylish decorative item for your home. For the first crafting, the idea is how to make an artwork using canvas, crayons, and hairdryer. Attach six crayons to the canvas using a hot glue gun and melt the tips using hair dryers. Attach fake flowers. Watch the video until the end to check the result. You can easily decorate a boring white t-shirt using melted crayons. You will love this easy idea. Create candles that look like gems using a paper cup, crayons and wick. The next idea will surprise you! You can easily make nail polish at home. Melt crayons and add some clear nail polish. You can make nail polish of any color you like! You can create ‘’Stary night’’ Vang Gogh picture at home. It will be a real masterpiece!

00:09 Creative logo ideas
03:43 Cool crayon crafts
04:38 Crayon gem candles
06:05 How to paint a starry night
07:43 When car meets paint
10:47 Drawing ideas for kids