30 Amazing Household DIY hacks for this Holiday season.
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Hey guys. Welcome back! Today on Crafty Hackers, we’re making some cool DIY projects that are kind of genius, if we do say so ourselves. We hope you like them too. If this is your first time here, click the notification bell to be the first to see our new videos, and like and subscribe too if you want. Ok, let’s get started.

Ok, guys, you gotta check out this cool flower trick we just learned. First, let’s mix some plaster and water together. Now, dip the flowers and the leaves in the plaster. Next, grab a mason jar and paint the lid white. When the flowers harden, glue them to the lid and place your new decorative jar on any countertop you like.

On to the next one. Take a plain bar of soap, and place a rectangle template on top. Push a bunch of sewing pins into the soap, using the rectangle as a guide. Now, stick a pin through the end of a ribbon and wrap it around the soap. Loop it onto a pin on the opposite side, then wrap the ribbon around hooking it on the pins all the way across. You’ll want to cover the entire bar of soap. Then wrap the ribbon around the pins at the top like this. Use a marker to push the pins deeper into the soap, and add a pretty flower to the top. Now you’ve got decorative soap for your bathroom.

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