Stenciling is a budget-friendly way to paint and decorate to create unique designs! In today’s video, we’ll show you 10 Stencil Crafts & Fun Art Hacks. This is a great way to add some personal style to everyday items and transform crafts into colorful masterpieces. Take inspiration from these projects to craft your own paintings along with an adorable heart tote bag, cloud pillow, and much more!

Create your own custom home decor! Painting a sofa pillow is pretty easy and makes a great gift or piece of home decor. For our first craft, we’ll show you how to make an adorable rainy day cloud pillow. This cute pillow makes a great sofa accent and the kids will love it!

Looking for a quick and easy stencil project? Our DIY Heart Stencil Tote Bag and Pencil Box are both great ways to decorate ordinary items and give them a colorful makeover!

Create your own stencils using a hot glue gun! Next up, we will show you how to make a Mickey Mouse Splatter Painting and Glue Flower Painting. Both of these art projects are easy to make and create custom designs.

Use ordinary items to create unique masterpieces! Our next paintings, use tape and string to create geometric painting designs. This is a great craft for beginners who are looking to step up their painting game.

To wrap up the video, we will show you how to make a fun pop-up drawing and handwritten drip lettering! If you’re love to doodle, these ones are for you!

See the below timestamps to jump to a specific craft!

0:12 – Cloud Pillow
1:29 – Mickey Mouse Splatter Painting
2:46 – Heart Totebag
3:19 – Pencil Box
4:17 – Sponge Tape Painting
5:35 – Flower Tape Painting
6:07 – String Art Painting
7:03 – Glue Flower Painting
8:09 – Pop Up Drawing
9:03 – Handwritten Drip Lettering


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